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The Role of Arts in Child Development

Nature Exploring Playschool

Child care is challenging. There’s so much going on and parents don’t get any training for it; they only have to learn along the way. Some can do it themselves, while others may need a little bit of help. This is what Nature Exploring Playschool is here for.

We are a trusted preschool in Antelope, California with a Tier 5 high-quality program. We have been helping parents and teaching children for over a decade. And we have a reputation for excellence in integrating nature in play and care.

Our school have an arts program that we are proud of. Arts help children develop socially, emotionally, and mentally. We believe that creating activities that steer up their imagination stimulate their brains, forming significant connections. Doing artistic activities also helps boost their confidence and allows them to be appreciative of themselves and others.

Our arts program is available in our kindergarten and preschool childcare. In line with this, we also offer music and dance classes. Kids learn faster than adults. So the more activities they are exposed to, the more responsive they become to other teachings.

We uphold high standards in our teaching and strive to provide holistic care to the kids enrolled in our kindergarten in California. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you and your child.

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