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Where learning is achieved through exploration and fun


Welcome to Nature Exploring Playschool. We are a for-profit playschool where children learn through a wide variety of developmentally and age-appropriate experiences. We believe children learn through play and will extend their learning when given the opportunity for open-ended activities.

preschool teacher smiling with her students in the background

Here at Nature Exploring Playschool, we strive to provide a safe yet stimulating environment where children can learn, grow, and develop.

Open Hours

Monday to Friday
6 AM – 6 PM
Open Year-Round

Who We Are

Since 2001, our preschool in Antelope, California has been providing children and their families with top-of-the-line child care and education services. We provide a warm, safe, and stimulating environment where your kids are encouraged to explore. We offer programs that foster their physical, mental, and social potential-all to secure a bright future for them.

To make our educational services more accessible to parents in the community, we work with the following subsidized programs:

  • Child Action
  • Beanstalk
  • Placer County Office of Education (PCOE)

Nature Exploring Playschool participates in the Raising Quality Together (RQT) Program by the Sacramento County Office of Education and has been rated as a Tier 5 High-Quality Program.

Message from Our Director

Tatyana Vorobyev

“I believe children learn best during playtime by participating in first-hand experiences and vicarious experiences, (e.g., storytelling, listening to another person, reading a book and looking at pictures, watching television or listening to the radio). I’m influenced by the concept of building a close relationship with the children, their parents, and any other caregivers and family members who are involved. As a caregiver, I have raised many children and have maintained many long-term relationships with them into their adulthood by showing them respect while talking to them during their adolescent years at a level that is an appropriate their age. I’m dedicated to providing a learning environment that promotes cognitive, social-emotional, physical development while expanding their knowledge of language and communication skills.”

I’m Tatyana Vorobyev, a respecter of young children.

If you would like to learn more about our playschool, feel free to talk to us at 916-239-5794.