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Reaching your child’s developmental goals through education and fun

Choosing Nature Exploring Playschool means sending your child to a Tier 5 High-Quality Program for preschool in Antelope, California. Our programs are designed to give them an optimal early childhood education experience. Bringing learning and fun together, we let them grow through guided exploration into well-rounded individuals eager to face the future.

We currently offer the following programs:

Each of these programs includes the following services:

Childcare (12 months-7 years old)

Our teachers and caregivers are skilled in meeting the immediate and long-term needs of children. You can trust them to put your child’s wellness as their top priority.


As your kids go through our activities, we make sure they reach the objectives. We monitor their progress and find the best possible ways to foster their potential.

Arts and Crafts

These essential activities help your child express their ideas and feelings, use materials to realize their abstractions, and grow their self-esteem and ability to appreciate their work as well as others’.

Music/Dance Classes

These classes develop mental and physical faculties at once. They’re a great source of entertainment and stress relief, as well.

Bilingual: English/Russian

We offer a wide range of language learning materials and activities to teach both English and Russian. This is part of our goal to foster socially conscious individuals who can communicate with people from other backgrounds.

USDA-Approved Healthy Meals

Good nutrition is vital for your child’s growth. Our healthy and delicious ensure that your child always gets their daily requirement with ease.

Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities

No childhood experience is complete without fun activities. Of course, we make sure that they have the tools they need and that they stay safe.

Diverse Environment

Diverse backgrounds come together at our playschool to give children well-rounded exposure to various perspectives.

Natural Environment

Our location puts your children away from the noise and pollution and into a place brimming with green and lush life.

Through these programs and services, we give your child an amazing and fruitful educational experience.
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