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The Power of Play: Learning Through Fun and Exploration

The Power of Play: Learning Through Fun and Exploration

Playing has been proven as an effective learning method. But how does it work? Here’s how playing helps children learn:

  • Playing promotes brain development. Fun and engaging physical activities encourage creativity and positive emotions which activate the learning center of the brain. These activities help develop skills for solving problems, decision-making, and other mental stimulations. Hence, this became a popular approach among childcare institutions.
  • Playing allows children to interact and build relationships with other children. Group activities help develop children’s social skills. They also get exposed to adapting to team dynamics and healthy competition.
  • Playing enhances children’s listening and communication skills.

To say that children love to play is an understatement. At their age, it’s their reason for being. Children are most engaged and interested when they’re playing and having fun. It’s no surprise that institutions that offer kindergarten in California practice active learning through play.

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