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Overcoming Separation Anxiety in Preschoolers

Overcoming Separation Anxiety in Preschoolers

A new environment with lots of unfamiliar faces can be scary for young children, especially during their preschool years. Seeing your child attend nature exploring playschool may fill you with pride, and this surely is a huge achievement for your little cutie, but the first days are often filled with a lot of crying, clinging, and tantrums.

Running preschool childcare, we have good insights on how you best soothe your child’s separation anxiety. Take a look:

  • Explain their new routines in preschool. Tell them all about the fun games they will play, all the new friends they will make, and that you will be right on time to pick them up. Just be sure to set realistic expectations for them.
  • Pay a visit to our preschool in Antelope, California. Let them be familiar with their soon-to-be surroundings. This helps them adjust faster to new routines.
  • Create a good-bye ritual with your child. This can be a flying kiss or a “secret handshake”. Make the send-off fun and light so they don’t feel too anxious when it’s time for them to attend kindergarten in California.
  • Don’t make a disappearing act. Yes, it can be tempting to sneak out after you drop off your little one for child care, but this won’t help with settling their fears. Your child will most likely feel even more scared if you just suddenly rip yourself away from them.

    Instead, sit with them for a while and slowly inching away as soon as you notice them getting more comfortable.

We hope these tips help! If you ever need more help in keeping preschool fun for your “mini-me”, just reach out to us. We want your child to be comfortable and happy in our school.

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